Title: Tuesday with Morrie
Author: Mitch Albom
Publication Date: 1997
Genre: Memoirs
Total Pages: 199
Date Given as Present: 22/01/11

Why did I choose this Book?
Mitch Albom has been a name I have come across a lot while reading recommendations or “meaningful book” samples. However I never actually had the chance to read one of his book, and then Tina sent them all the way from Texas just for me! YES!
Well I can only say is hat off for Mitch Albom. One thing I can only respect is the way he can make bring so much emotion, facts and meaning into so little pages (something I could never do). However, sometimes I find that he can make such momentous scenes fall flat on their face. But then again that might just be a type question.
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Plan For Reading
I will read this on my favorite sofa while having my cat next to me. Most probably this book will be read by me at least once a day at the minimum time of one hour.

Book Review of Tuesday with Morrie
-“Everyone knows they’re going to die, but nobody believes it.” And with it starts the lesson which will change Mitch’s life. Based on a true story, Tuesday with Morrie is a heart breaking novel about death and fate. We follow the memories of Mitch as he travels from his confidence filled university years to an embittered working man in his late thirties. Yet all this changes as he meets his old professor again, Morrie Schwartz.

Morrie has ALS, a slow eating away disease which destroys every muscle in the body. At the age of seventy-eight, the question arises of what will he do with his life now? Will he wither away and spend the rest of his life hiding until he finally succumbs to the disease? Or will Morrie show the world hope and live the last few months he has in his life? The famous professor decides and continues to stick with his daily routine. As he slowly loses the control over his body Morrie perceives that people have been running after the wrong values. “Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.”

Set in Massachusetts in the 1990s this book handles love, death, family, and the problems of our fast-pacing world. Being in a way almost a memoir and non-fiction in every way possible, this book will grip you by the heart while making you wonder about the human race. Told in a voice full of tender love and yet inquiring energy, Tuesday with Morrie is the kind of novel one looks for as one struggles through life.

Filled with a first person view of an almost haunted mood we are compelled by the mind boggling statements of Morrie, for the author never tries to change his words in any way. This gives the book a very informal feel but actually the author’s style is very direct. At times, this can bother for we never learn more about a scene then the necessary details.

However, Tuesday with Morrie has made me aware of the problems out there while filling my heart with a gut-wrenching grief for the people lost in life and the missed chances of good-bye. Resigned to the fate we all face, this book is an eye opener to death and the times wasted.

I recommend this book to anyone who wonders where the meaning and purpose of life has gone, to anyone who feels lost, and to the people for whom death is a constant companion. Tuesday with Morrie will make you smile while crying bitter tears as you remember all the things done wrong. Yet hope lives in this book and while being drained of all emotions, one blooms forth: love.