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Mortal Coil

Title: Mortal Coil (5th book in the Skulduggery Pleasant Series)external image skulduggery-pleasant-mortal-coil.jpg
Author: Derek Landy
Publication Date: 2010
Genre: Fantasy
Total Pages: 572
Date Bought: 26/02/11

Why did I choose this book?
I chose this book because I started this series in like 2008, and I really like it, so I wanted to continue the series. Sadly, as one gets older, ones taste change, and I must say that this kind of book wouldn’t top my list anymore. In a way it’s just a store with a lot of blood, but you know, old habits die hard. But I do have to say that Landy has a few new ideas which have not been seen yet in the fantasy literature, so thumbs up.

Plan for Reading
I will read this book at home on my couch, along with a fat cat. Most likely this book will be read by me mostly at night or in the early morning and about an hour a day (minimum).

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