Title: Linger (Follow up to Shiver)external image Linger.jpg
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Publication Date: 2010
Genre: Romance/Fantasy
Total Pages: 416
Date Bought: Christmas Present 2010

Why did I choose this book?
Now look here, this is what I call really bad literature. The first book was okay but seriously dragged itself through that plot, it very nearly broke my enthusiasm to reading. I sincerely do not recommend this book and I chose it because I wanted to continue the series, naturally. Why can’t the books get better through a series? They usually get worse. Ugh!

Plan for Reading
I will read this book at home lying on my sofa. Most probably this book will be read by me mostly at night or in the early morning and about an hour a day (minimum). (However, on Christmas break it’s getting my full attention).