Title: Last Sacrifice (6th book in the Vampire Academy Series)
Author: Richelle Mead
Publication Date:2010
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Total Pages: 584
Date Bought:27/02/11
Why did I choose this book?
I chose this book because I have waited for this book for ages, and not actually reading it would have been too cruel. Also, the characters, as I have stated before, are simply wonderful. The way they are colored out is simply inspiring and beautiful. Not to forget to say, that the characters themselves are so different in the book, yet they come together perfectly. Being in a way a love story (yeah sorry about that) it’s like those cliffhangers you can’t stop reading or watching. Will they make it in the end? That’s another reason I wanted to finish the series, because the ending of this story could go in so many directions.
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Plan for Reading
I will read this book at home sunken away in my bean bag. Most likely this book will be read by me mostly at night or in the early morning and about an hour a day (minimum).


Summary and Evaluation

I am currently on page 486.
Summary: Rose is a dhampire. A mix of human and royal Vampire blood. She’s good looking and she knows it. Attitude and trouble in one package deal. Not to forget deadly. Rose Hathaway’s mission in life is to graduate from St. Vladimir’s Academy and become a guardian of Royal Vampires called Moroi. However often things don’t go according to plan since she has began to fall in love with her tutor (a fighting God) and now she is accused of having murdered the Vampire Queen, Tatiana.
All that Rose had wanted was for life to be simple, for her to be able to protect her best friend Lissa, this being her duty as a Guardian. However through the death of the Vampire Queen, chaos has erupted throughout the court. It is clear Rose was set up as all evidence points at her. Locked away in a tiny cell, Rose wonders where she went wrong in her life as her friends struggle to get her free.
Working hard in the background is her best friend Lissa, determined to clear Rose’s name. Unknowingly, Lissa and Rose have slid into a fight far greater then they had thought, as different royal families try to grab the throne. Who will they turn to when there is no one they can trust?
At the very moment I am at a very private scene between Lissa and her boyfriend Christian as they try to figure out who is the murderer of Tatiana. However, as they start to uncover more and more details, and when the truth actually lies straight in front of them, they still can’t believe it.
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The main people involved in this book are of course Rose and Lissa along with their friends Dimitri and Christian.
Dimitri is another guardian, just like Rose, however he is also in a way her mentor. With her mother gone in the world to defend the royal vampires, he is the only pillar she has to lean on- and much more.
Christian, coming form a disgraced Royal Vampire Family, would do anything for Lissa. Together they are fighting hard to clear Rose’s name and keep the Moroi World from collapsing.

Evaluate: This book is simple and will often be labeled as an easy read. However, I think it isn’t just about writing classics and Nobel Peace Price Literature. There would never be any sort of relaxing literature, if all books where there to make you analyze the world. This book is a simple yet beautifully colored out plot and that is one of the many reasons I think this book is good. Like so many vampire books, they have become a bit too plentiful and that is why people despise them, however this series is quite recommendable. If you like fantasy and vampires, this will be the book for you.
All the characters are credible in this book, especially since the plot lives of them. If the characters where not as different and startling at times as they are, then this book would fall flat. However the true feelings that burst out of these characters, their anger, delight, love, and passion make it seem real. Like just something you would experience (if you left out the vampire bit).
The author’s style can be seen clearly in her main character Rose. Rose is beautiful yet always has a snappy response ready, she isn’t the kind of girl to back down in a fight, and the author uses every chance she can get to let people see the funny side of Rose. Though a bit uncommon in fantasy books, this book does use a lot of metaphors and similes, which elevate this book above other fantasy novels.
The element I like the most about this book is that this isn’t the typical Vampire book. In the Last Sacrifice there are three different types of vampires, giving it another very original feel. One of the things that annoys me about this book, is that sometimes, scenes change too abruptly. The author is really trying not to make the book too long and wants to keep us in suspense. Actually prolonging the action a bit ad giving the characters more time to bloom would be great. But otherwise, I can only say that this fantasy novels fills simple requirements.