Title: Dragonfly in Amber external image dragonfly.gif
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Publication Date: 1992
Genre: Historical Fiction
Total Pages: 960
Date Checked Out: 17/11/10

Why did I choose this book?
I chose this book because it is the sequel to Outlander. The most important reason however is the fact that I cannot live without the characters Claire and Jamie Fraser. These characters are simply so vibrant, alive, and heartbreaking that not continuing their story is simply a crime. Set in the 1700s in Scotland this is an unforgettable tale of romance and honor. Gut-wrenching, I can not wait to continue the series.

Plan for Reading
I will read this book at home, sitting straight like a rod with a box of Kleenex nearby (cat might suffice too though). Most probably this book will be read by me mostly at night or in the early morning and about an hour a day (minimum).