Title: Der Letzte Ork
Author: Silvana De Mari
Publication Date: 2005
Genre: Fantasy
Total Pages: 894
Date Bought: 2008 +/-

Why did I choose this book?
external image 41Ow0MDf0DL._SL500_AA300_.jpg
I chose this book because it was the continuation of another book I had read, Der
Letzte Elf (The Last Elf). I have to admit that although the idea behind the story and the characters are fantastic, the excitement is lacking. Somehow the writer manages to make a wonderful story fall very flat. Also the way some parts of the book are described is so boring one really just wants to dumb it into the trash. But then again it’s good in other ways.

Plan for Reading
I will read this book at home reading anywhere I want (who cares about chairs!). Most probably this book will be read by me mostly at night or in the early morning and about an hour a day (minimum).