external image peeta_katniss_gale_by_kitdg.jpgCatching Fire

Title: Catching Fire

Author: Suzanne Collins

Publication Date: 2009

Genre: Science Fiction and Romance

Total Pages: 391

Date Checked out: 29/09/10

Why did I choose this book?

This book is the second book in a series. The first book is called The Hunger Games and I just absolutely loved that book. I know I would gobble this book up just like the first one because the characters are so intriguing. Also the setting is very interesting, a nation which rises out of the ashes of the USA. Then of course it is such a cute love story (yep, sorry this one is) that I really couldn’t resist to find out what would happen.

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The third book in the series is coming out soon (or its already out I think!).

Plan for Reading

This book will be read tonight on my sofa, sitting with only my small reading lamp on. Cat will be kept nearby as tissue. Will be finished today, and if it takes the whole night!

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